Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Human Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Human Development - Essay Example Pavlov’s research indicated that behaviors could be learned via conditioned associations. The learning process was argued to have grounds on which environmental stimulus and naturally occurring stimulus could be associated (Watson 6). Therefore, this means that the focus of behaviorism is purely on the idea that human behavior is acquired as a result of interaction with the environment (Berger 2005). In regard to contribution of behaviorism to my development, it is apparent that behaviorism played a key part in dictating my current personality. Having been brought up in rural areas, most of the behaviors of the rural people were vested on me because I always interacted with them. The rural school setting is different from urban school setting. We used to travel for long distances to school and believed that schooling is a difficult task that one has to strive to achieve. Nevertheless, this was instrumental to me because I have always worked hard to achieve my desires. This is contrary to urban people who are brought up in urban settings. They have little struggles because the life in the urban is a bit comfortable than the life in the rural settings. This is equally the same case to children brought up in wealthy families and those that are brought up in rural settings. The personality of these two groups of people is wide owing to the lifestyle that they are exposed to. It is argued that people brought up in areas where crime is prevalent tend to adapt to criminal behaviors. Most people who engage in crime are either due to the influence of drugs or as a result of poverty. Since such people have little they can do to change their lives, they resort to crime and drugs as a way of either reducing stress or use crime as a way of earning a living. Hence, it is true to stipulate that the environment that such people find themselves in influences their character so that they can fit in it. Theory of cognitive development was pioneered by Jean Piaget who

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